Quick start join.me to host a Technical Support Netmeeting

There’s this really cool and easy tool on the web called join.me, it allows you to quickly share your screen with someone over the internet. It’s particularly handy for issues where your computer needs direct Technical Support.

Here’s how to host a meeting **quickly** with join.me…

  1. Navigate to the join.me website by clicking on this link
  2. Next, click on the Get Started icon…

    Click the GET STARTED button

    Click the GET STARTED button

  3. Next…
    1. Enter your email
    2. A password
    3. then read and check the Accept the terms toggle
  4. Now join,me will try and gain information about you, simply click ‘SKIP‘ at the bottom of each prompt…

    Simply 'Skip' Join.me data mining

    Simply ‘Skip’ Join.me data mining

  5. Once you have skipped each page and have reached the ‘YOU”RE READY TO GO‘ page
    1. click the ‘DOWNLOAD JOIN.ME‘ button to download and run the join.me.exe (make sure you allow it to download, and once downloaded make sure you run it)

      Download Join.me

      Download Join.me

  6. At this point, if all is well, you will see a popup window stating that Join.me is starting…
  7. Once started, you will see like a join.me toolbox at the top center of your desktop
    1. select one-time code
    2. then click on the circular start triangle..
  8. Next, join.me will start the meeting and present you with a code – click the “Copy Link” button and paste the link to your Support Technician so he can see your screen.

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