AutoCAD 2000 Patches and Utilities

Here are some long lost AutoCAD 2000 patches and utilities that you can still use in your AutoCAD…


  • PlotUpdate.exe – Fixes AutoCAD 2000 Heap error issues with system printers on Windows.
  • DBTrans.arx – migrates AutoCAD drawings from AutoCAD R11 or versions previous to R11, over to AutoCAD 2000
  • DDModify.lsp –  allows the user to get a listing comparable to the LIST
    ;;; command for most objects in AutoCAD 2000
  • PacknGo.arx – The initial AutoCAD 2000 version of the Pack&Go feature (PACK command) used system DLLs that may not be available on all systems. This fixes that issue.
  • pnpltpc2– contains 3 PC2 files (16penplotter.pc2, 7475a6pens.pc2 and 7586-8pens.pc2) that have been generated in AutoCAD R14 to accommodate the pen wrapping effect for pen plotters.
  • SwapContextMenu.arx – Allows AutoCAD 2000 user to swap default/edit/command mode context menus.

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