Installing Terrain Navigator Pro on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

While attempting to install MapTech’s Terrain Navigator Professional on 64bit Windows 7, 8 or 10 you receive this error…

Windows 16bit setup error - This app can't run on your PC

Windows 16bit setup error – This app can’t run on your PC

You can solve the problem with our Longbow Reviver solution

How to install Terrain Navigator Pro

  1. First you need to purchase the Longbow Reviver here – sorry, it’s not free 
  2. Insert your Terrain Navigator CD into your computer
  3. Next, start In the Reviver App
    1. Click on the 1st tab named “Old Installer Reviver
    2. Using the “. . .” button, pick the path to the CD
    3. Now click “Fix and Run Old installer”
      1. Follow the on screen prompts…
      2. BE PATIENT – Terrain Navigator Setup may take up to 90 minutes to start, when it does stop and read the next step
  4. Once the Terrain Navigator Pro setup starts up
    1. install as normal except when prompted for the installation path, don’t install to c:\Program Files\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro but instead install to
      c:\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro as shown below…
c:\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro as shown above
  • Once setup is complete, you can now happily run
    c:\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro\Terpro\terpro.exe


  1. If you still are running into issues, contact Longbow Support

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