Install The Print Shop Deluxe 21 by Broderbund on Windows 10

This post solves the various installation problems installing Broderbund’s ‘The Print Shop Deluxe 21’ on Windows 10…

How to install Print Shop Deluxe 21

NOTE: To ensure success, follow the instructions precisely as documented including using the same folder names and paths.

  1. Obtain your purchased copy of the Longbow Reviver App here (you will need V4.26 or newer)
  2. Start the Reviver App and note the user interface
  3. Insert your Print Shop Deluxe CD into the CDRom drive
    1. From the “Old Installer Reviver” tab, use the ‘…’ button to pick your Print Shop Deluxe CD.
    2. Now click the ‘Fix and Run Old Installer‘ button
      1. Follow the instructions for copying the CD
    3. Once the CD is copied the Reviver App will run a process on the copy of the CD, then launch the setup.
      1. Be patient as the process can take up to 45 minutes.
      2. Once the setup appears, stop and read the next step
  4. Once the setup application appears, enter your information as normal except when you get to the installation folder…
    1. You **must** change the default path to c:\PrintShop21 (see image below)
    2. do not reboot the PC if prompted to do so
  1. Now complete the setup process
    1. do not reboot if prompted to do so
    2. fully close setup
  2. Now back in the Reviver App…
    1. pick the “Old Program Reviver” tab
    2. Using the ‘…’ button pick the c:\PrintShop21 path
    • Now click ‘Fix Old Program
      • When it asks if you want to re-register, say Yes
  3. Once the Reviver App displays Success! you will now be able to run your Print Shop


  • The “Save As PDF” feature does not work on 64bit Windows (because the driver installed is 16bit). To get round this issue simply “Print” and select a PDF print driver

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