Installing old versions of AutoCAD on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Old versions of AutoCAD were not designed to run in newer versions of Windows and you will find that installing them the normal way yields lots of issues or even failure to install at all.

The Longbow Converter app allows old versions of AutoCAD to be installed on new versions of Windows, removing all known compatibility issues automatically for you.

Instructions for installing old versions of AutoCAD on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


  • AutoCAD 2008   AutoCAD 2009   AutoCAD 2010   AutoCAD 2011   AutoCAD 2012   AutoCAD 2013
  • AutoCAD 2014   AutoCAD 2015   AutoCAD 2016   AutoCAD 2017
  • 32bit or 64bit
  1. Make sure all previous installed versions of AutoCAD are uninstalled first.
  2. Obtain your copy of the Longbow Converter here
  3. Start the Converter tool
    1. Pick the 1st tab named “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter
    2. If your AutoCAD is 64bit
      1. Using your mouse, right click the tab text “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter” so that it changes to “AutoCAD 64bit Installer Converter
    3. Next, using the “…” button, select your AutoCAD installation CD and follow the instructions presented by the Converter tool user interface
  4. Once you have completed the AutoCAD installation process…
    1. close the setup program then go back to the Converter app again
    2. This time, select the 3rd tab “Old AutoCAD Program Reviver
      1. Using the “…” button, pick the folder where your AutoCAD was just installed (for 64bit in c:\Program Files and for 32bit in c:\Program Files (x86)
      2. then click “Fix Old Program
  5. Install any service packs for your AutoCAD
  6. Now you can happily run your AutoCAD on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


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Uninstalling all Autodesk Products from your Computer

Here’s a good one for you. We added a new tool in our Longbow Converter App which allows you to uninstall all Autodesk products from your computer in one go…

  1. Obtain your copy of the Longbow Converter here
  2. Start the Converter tool
  3. Click the Tools->Advanced->Uninstall all Autodesk Products menu…

    Uninstall All Autodesk Products

    Uninstall All Autodesk Products

  4. The Converter will now list all of the Autodesk products installed on your computer, you can press F5 to refresh. Select which ones you want to be uninstalled, then click Uninstall/Clean

    Uninstall and Clean

    Uninstall and Clean

  5. Note that you will have to interact with the setups, but the software does a really good job of cleaning everything off.

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Visual Basic Applications run very slow in AutoCAD 64bit

If you use VBA inside of 32bit AutoCAD you will have noticed that it is around 1000x times slower when running the same VBA code inside of 64bit AutoCAD.

This is because AutoCAD 64bit ships with the 32bit VBA DLL in a separate out-of-process executable rather than loading the VBA DLL inside of AutoCAD itself. Therefore, a lot of marshaling is incurred communicating between the out-of-process VBA executable and 64bit AutoCAD.

Other issues you may be seeing: Run-time error ‘429’: ActiveX component can’t create object

Affected, all 64bit versions of (and variants of)

  • AutoCAD 2008 | AutoCAD 2009 | AutoCAD 2010
  • AutoCAD 2011 | AutoCAD 2012 | AutoCAD 2013
  • AutoCAD 2014 | AutoCAD 2015
  • AutoCAD 2016 | AutoCAD 2017
  • AutoCAD 2018
  • AutoCAD 2019

The Solution:

The best solution is to install 32bit AutoCAD on 64bit Windows, here are the affected versions along with their solution text…

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