AutoCAD 2002 setup stuck at very end

If you are installing AutoCAD 2002 and your setup is just sitting there right at the end at about 99% complete showing “Please wait, installation in progress”…

  1. Start Task Manager (right click on the Windows Taskbar and click “Start Task Manager”
  2. In Task Manager, make sure you have enabled the “Detailed view” 
  3. Pick the “Details” tab
  4. Search for all “msiexec.exe”
  5. Now look at all the msiexec.exe’s “PID” values
    1. Right click the msiexec.exe with the highest PID value (last run) and select “End Process Tree”
      1. Now check the AutoCAD setup, is it continuing again?
      2. If not, repeat 5.1

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