Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 10

Recently, I had problems installing Office 2007 on Windows 10 64bit… The issue was unexplained; Office 2007 setup simply “failed installing PowerPoint” and then just gave up without any error messages. So here’s what I did to solve it:

How to install Office 2007

  1. First step, purchase this tool, the Longbow Reviver here – sorry, it’s not free 🙁
  2. Insert the Microsoft Office CD into your computer
  3. Next, start In the Reviver App
    1. Click on the tab named “Old Program Reviver
    2. Using the “. . .” button, pick the path to the CD
    3. Select “Windows Vista” from the “Run As” dropdown
    4. Now click “Fix Old Program
  4. Once the Reviver tool has completed, run setup.exe from the Microsoft CD to install as normal


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2 thoughts on “Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 10

  1. Will this work on windows 7, 32 bit Operating System, Also let me know does this solve issue with installing MS Outlook also.

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