Resolving The Longbow Converter “Error Code 2”

If you are getting an “Error Code: 2” message when converting your 32bit AutoCAD 2008 or newer, then here’s what you need to do…


The “Error Code: 2” message indicates that either the Converter was unable to write to the folder (most likely) or that the media was not copied in full (least likely).

  1. In the 1st tab of the Converter tool, you would have selected a path to your 32bit AutoCAD, let’s say for example it is c:\Autodesk\AutoCAD2013
  2. Start Windows Explorer, right click the c:\Autodesk\AutoCAD2013 folder and click Properties
  3. Now un-check Read-Only then click Apply, then Apply to All Files and Folders
  4. Now try again…

If you are still getting the “Error Code: 2” message, then find your specific AutoCAD version from here (on the left side), then use those instructions specifically to install your AutoCAD.

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