Error: “Please install DirectX before installing AutoCAD”

While installing AutoCAD you may run into a blocking issue whereby the DirectX runtime (which AutoCAD relies upon for its hardware 3D capability) fails to install for some reason (Error 1603). Solutions posted on Autodesk website show how to edit the setup.ini file to try and solve this issue, however, upon doing so you get a new error, for instance…

“Error: Please install DirectX before installing AutoCAD MEP 2013”

You can easily solve this issue (and others) by installing your AutoCAD using the Longbow Converter App. It manages the install and bypasses all issues like these automatically so you can be up and running again. You will need V11.19 or newer of the Converter App). But be aware of these caveats:

  • The Converter will allow you to ignore the DirectX failure and allow AutoCAD to correctly install, but DirectX won’t be installed. This means that:
    • 2D will work fine
    • 3D will fine, but only in Software mode (slower)
    • Everytime you start AutoCAD you will get a Heidi error, like this one…

      “…the configured heidi driver cannot be loaded…

      to stop this, in AutoCAD, right click the Command Line->Options->System->Graphics Performance->HardWare Acceleration: Turn off

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