Installing Qualcomm Eudora 7 on Windows 10

Apparently, a lot of people are still using Eudora 7 but have lots of issues running on Windows 10. Here’s how to easily get Eudora working on Windows 10, simply use our Longbow Reviver tool (for fixing legacy apps on new versions of Windows)

How to install Eudora

  1. Obtain your purchased copy of the Longbow Reviver App here
  2. Start the Reviver App and note the user interface
  3. Insert your Eudora CD (or copy your Eudora_7.exe setup to c:\EudoraCD)
    1. From the “Old Installer Reviver” tab, use the ‘…’ button to pick the CD (or if you copied your Eudora_7.exe setup then pick the c:\EudoraCD folder).
    2. Now click the ‘Fix and Run Old Installer‘ button
      1. Follow the Reviver App instructions
      2. Once the setup appears, stop and read the next step
  4. Once the setup application appears, go through the setup as normal except when you get to select the installation folder (Destination Install Folder)…
    1. You **must** change the default path to c:\eudora (instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora)
    2. Also, do not run Eudora at the end of the setup because an extra step is needed to fix the installed program files.
  5. Once the setup is completed
    1. Make sure setup is closed down
    2. Go back to the Reviver App and wait for Success! to be displayed.
    3. In the Reviver App, pick the “Old Program Reviver” tab
    1. Using the ‘…’ button pick the path c:\eudora
    2. Now click ‘Fix Old Program
      1. When the Reviver App asks if you want to re-register, say Yes
  6. Once the Reviver App displays Success! you can run your c:\eudora\eudora.exe happily ever after

Copyright 2020 (c) Longbow Software