Installing AutoCAD 2000i on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

AutoCAD 2000i users are very used to the software package and cannot do without it. With the latest hardware and required move to new Windows versions, you will run into multiple problems trying to get your AutoCAD running again.

How to install AutoCAD 2000i

  1. Obtain your purchased copy of the Longbow Converter here
  2. Start In the Converter App and note the user interface
  3. Insert your AutoCAD 2000i CD into your computer
  4. Start the Longbow Converter tool
    1. Select the 2nd tab named “Old AutoCAD Installer Reviver
    2. Using the “” button pick your AutoCAD 2000i CD
    3. Click “Run Old Installer” and follow the Converter’s instructions.
    4. Once the AutoCAD 2000i setup starts, stop and read the next step…
  5. In the setup program, navigate through each setup dialog as normal, except when you get to the installation folder, **it’s vitally important to make sure you install to c:\acad2000i (not Program Files (x86)\AutoCAD 2000i as usually prompted by default)**
  6. Once installed
    1. do not reboot if prompted to do so.
    2. Fully close the setup application
    3. Close the Converter App
  7. Now, you can happily run your AutoCAD 2000i on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10!

Installing the AutoCAD 2000i sp2 service pack

  1. download the locked AutoCAD 2000i sp2 from here or download the unlocked AutoCAD 2000i sp2 from here
  2. Next, unzip and save the service pack file to c:\Autodesk\sp – do not install yet
  3. Go back into the Converter, select the 3rd tab, select the c:\Autodesk\sp folder and click Fix.
  4. Install the 2000i sp2 by running either the c:\Autodesk\sp\u090_u181p.exe for unlocked or c:\Autodesk\sp\u090_u181p_swl.exe for locked
  5. Once your sp is installed, start the Longbow Converter tool again; we are going to repeat some of the steps from the original installation before. Select the 2nd tab, pick the copy of your AutoCAD 2000i CD on your hard drive which last time was in c:\Autodesk\acad2000i folder, now select the 3rd tab, select the install folder c:\acad2000i now click Fix.
  6. Now, you can happily run your AutoCAD 2000i with sp2 on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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  1. Hi, I have autocad 2000i. I’m not sure weather what user my cad is to purchase your longbow upgrade. Can you help? Dan g

  2. I have windows 7 with 32bit and I loaded Autocad 2000i. It ran for a while and now it gives fatal error and logs out. Cannot get it running again. Can you Help me?

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