AutoCAD 32bit/64bit side-by-side installation compatibility chart

This blog has been written to help advise those who require 32bit versions of AutoCAD to reside on the same computer system as 64bit versions of AutoCAD.

Before we start, when installing 32bit AutoCAD on 64bit Windows, you should take care not to mix the same version/series of AutoCAD 32bit with the same version/series of the corresponding 64bit version of AutoCAD, on the same computer. The reason is that they were not designed to run in a side-by-side configuration and therefore may conflict. The same rule can generally be made for all Autodesk products.


  • When installing 32bit AutoCAD, we advise that you uninstall all previous versions of 64bit AutoCAD before installing your 32bit version of AutoCAD.
  • If you are installing multiple versions of AutoCAD, you should always install in chronological order, in other words, oldest to newest.
    • e.g AutoCAD 2004, Architecture 2004, Map 2005, AutoCAD 2007, Civil3d 2015
    • Failure to follow this simple rule can render you with missing entry point errors, un-explained crashing, un-installable Autodesk software and more.
  • For best results, we recommend that you install only 32bit versions of AutoCAD on your computer system, however, mixing is possible with care – refer to the chart below if you must have the 64bit version installed on the same computer.

This chart shows which 32bit AutoCAD versions can be installed on the same system as 64bit AutoCAD versions…

  • Green means Should be OK
  • Red/Dark Red means Problems will occur, you should not do this
AutoCAD 32bit 64bit side by side configurations

Shows which versions of 32bit AutoCAD can be installed side by side to 64bit versions of AutoCAD

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