Installing 64bit AutoCAD 2012 on Windows 8 and Windows 10

AutoCAD 2012 was not designed to run in Windows 10 (Windows 10 was released after AutoCAD 2012) and inevitably you will run into issues such as the infamous Ribbon crashing issue, slow startup problems, text scaling issues, etc.

You can automatically solve these problems using our Longbow Converter App, it fixes and manages the AutoCAD 2012 installation so that you can be up and running again… Just follow these easy instructions:

How to install 64bit AutoCAD 2012

  1. First, uninstall any existing AutoCAD 2012 installations on your computer
  2. Next obtain a copy of the Longbow Converter App, download here
  3. Start the Converter tool
    1. Pick the 1st tab named “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter
    2. Using your mouse, right-click the tab text “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter” so that it changes to “AutoCAD 64bit Installer Converter
    3. Next, using the “. . .  button, select your AutoCAD installation CD and follow the instructions presented by the Converter tool user interface.
  4. Once the conversion process is complete
    1. click Install/Run Setup to start setup
    2. Once you have completed the AutoCAD installation process…
      1. Completely close the setup program
      2. Go back to the Converter App and make sure it states “Success!
  5. Now you can run your AutoCAD as normal


– If you are unable to activate your product, or the activation process crashes:

– If you have crashing problems using the File->Open or File->Save dialogs inside of AutoCAD please read this blog entry on the File->Open or File->Save Crash in AutoCAD

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4 thoughts on “Installing 64bit AutoCAD 2012 on Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. Is this solution still working, have any other problems come about?
    Civil 3d 2013-2018 have a lag problem with the program that is why I havent switched over to 2018.
    Ready to get new computer and dont want to get windows 10 and not be able to use the better performing civil 3d 2012.

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’m using AutoCAD Architecture 2012 on a on osx in a virtual machine under windows 7. I really need to get it working on Windows 10 in a virtual machine. I need to know if your program will work for my operating situation. .Also have all previous versions of AutoCAD if anything works with that.

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