Installing Mathcad 2000 Pro on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


If you are having trouble installing Parametric Technology Corporation’s Mathcad 2000 Pro with errors like this…

Windows 16bit setup error - This app can't run on your PC

Windows 16bit setup error – “This app can’t run on your PC

then read on…


How to install Mathcad 2000

  1. Purchase a copy of the Longbow Reviver tool here
  2. Using Windows Explorer
    1. Copy your Mathcad 2000 CD to your hard drive, to a folder path c:\InstallCDs\Mathcad2000
  3. Start the Longbow Reviver tool
    1. select the 1st tab named “Old Installer Reviver” 
    2. using the ‘…’ button, select folder c:\InstallCDs\Mathcad2000\Mathcad. At this point, the Reviver tool should display a message telling you that setup.exe was found, if so…
    3. Click the “Fix and Run Old Installer” button
    4. Read and understand all the prompts that appear, then continue by clicking OK.
  4. Now, I know it’s unheard of these days, but at this point expect to wait up to 45 minutes for your full Mathcad 2000 setup.exe program to appear….
      1. Be patient, grab lunch maybe… 🙂
      2. Once the Mathcad 2000 Professional setup application finally displays all in Blue stop and read the next step
  5. In the setup program click through setup as normal, except when you get to the path for the installation – make sure you update the entry from c:\…\Mathcad 2000 Professional to c:\Mathcad2000 
  6. Now carry on with the install
    1. Do not reboot if prompted to do so
    2. Note, we did not Register when testing this install
  7. Once Mathcad 2000 Professional is installed
    1. Be sure to fully quit the setup
    2. go back to the Reviver tool
      1. select the 2nd tab named “Old Program Reviver” 
      2. Using the ‘…’ button, pick the newly installed c:\Mathcad2000 folder
      3. click “Fix Old Program”
      4. Say “Yes” if the Reviver tool asks if you want to re-register…
  8. Now you can happily run your Mathcad 2000 Professional on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10


Copyright 2018 (c) Longbow Software

6 thoughts on “Installing Mathcad 2000 Pro on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. Hello, just purchased SW to install Mathcad. Having proceeded as per the instructions, I get the message that this SW is AutoCAD and needs the Longbow Converter tool.
    But the files are definitely from my original Mathcad 200 Pro CD. Naturally, on this CD is also a AutoCAD Viewer. But I have deleted all other folder files than Mathcad. Please advise me what to do. Thank you.

  2. I just purchased your software, and I have tried to install MathCad 2000 Professional three times. I get as far as the Mathcad 2000 install screen, and then nothing. The message on the Longbow window alternates between “Your setup is starting up, please wait….” and “Waiting for your installation to finish…”

    What gives…besides me buying your software?!

  3. This works great- Loaded Mathcad2000 without any issues – I also have the Mathcad 2000 treasure CD that loads separately just follow the same directions except copy CD to InstallCDs\MC2000Treasurey and when the install comes up select to install on Hard disk and it will copy all the files to the hard disk and automatically put them on the C:\Mathcad2000 directory under HANDBOOK.

    Calls directory from Mathcad2000 under help pulldown.
    Thanks for this program.

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