AutoCAD File->Save or File->Open Crash…

If are experiencing crashing problems using the File->Open or File->Save dialog inside of AutoCAD (or any other Autodesk product), there are a few items that can cause this:

  1. New HP Machine If you have recently purchased a new HP computer or you have an HP computer for which you have recently carried out an HP update on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1…Check if you have any of these applications installed:
    • HP Trust Center
    • HP Client Security Manager

      If so, uninstall them and reboot. We recommend you find an alternative as they cause this issue.

  2. For AutoCAD versions >= 2008, you can try disabling the InfoCenter toolbar at the top right of AutoCAD.
    1. If you know LISP, this code will work for all versions of AutoCAD 2008 or higher
      1. add this code to the end of your acad.lsp (vl-registry-write (strcat “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\” (vlax-product-key)”\\Applications\\InfoCenterAcConn”) “LOADCTRLS” 0)
    2. If you do not know LISP
      1. Start Regedit.exe
      2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\AutoCAD\<Release.Number>\ACAD-<VerticalCode>:<LanguageCode>\Applications\InfoCenterAcConn 
      3. Set the LoadCtrls value to 0
      4. To turn it back on, simply set LoadCtrls value to 76
  3. Remove all USB devices – older versions of AutoCAD don’t understand what a Samsung Phone is, and this can cause crashes.
  4. If you have been opening DWG files from an external drive (e.g. USB drive) try re-connecting the drive…
  5. The latest Windows Operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10) correctly enforce permission settings for your personal files (Documents folder etc). The problem is that your older version of AutoCAD does not understand these new permission settings, and this can stop you being about to open your DWG files and even cause AutoCAD crash. As a quick test, copy the DWG files that always crash when you save to a USB drive, then create a new folder called c:\MyDwgs, now copy the files from your USB to the c:\MyDwgs folder. Finally, try AutoCAD with the DWG files in c:\MyDwgs – is AutoCAD working now? If so, you can either leave your DWG files in that folder, or you’ll need to relax the permissions on your DWG folder to allow access to AutoCAD.
  6. MSN Plugin – if you see MSN as an entry in your Windows Explorer, uninstall MSN – AutoCAD doesn’t like this.
  7. For versions of AutoCAD >= 2000i here’s a quick fix to bypass the problem (although hard to remember each time) – on starting AutoCAD, type “Options” at the command line, select the ‘Files’ tab, click ‘Browse’, then simply click cancel. Now cancel out of the Options dialog altogether. Try your File->Open… Does it work? If so, you should now be good until the next time you start AutoCAD.
  8. If you have a non-HP machine that is giving you this issue or (2) didn’t work for you, please record below in the comments section:
    1. What computer make you are running
    2. What specific Windows version you are running
    3. What exact version of AutoCAD you are running (e.g. AutoCAD Architecture 2008 32bit)
    4. What AutoCAD service packs (if any) you have applied
    5. What anti-virus software you are running. We’ll see if we can solve this for you…
  9. Check out this page Interactions with the AutoCAD Ribbon crashes AutoCAD on Windows 10
  10. If all this fails, you can of course set FILEDIA = 0 at the command line to turn off the File Dialog User Interface
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