Interactions with the AutoCAD Ribbon crashes AutoCAD on Windows 10

It seems that a recent Windows Update for Windows 10 has caused issues with AutoCAD versions…

  • AutoCAD 2012
  • AutoCAD 2013
  • AutoCAD 2014
  • AutoCAD 2015

…whereby any interactions with AutoCAD’s Ribbon, Status bar, or Right clicking the Command line causes AutoCAD to crash out instantly with:

Error: Unhandled Exception

We found that this issue is caused by a combination of updates in and around the new .NET 4.7 update which came down as part of KB3186568

We have just released an update to fix this issue via our Longbow Converter App, you will need V10.14 or newer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Obtain your copy of the Longbow Converter App here
  2. Once you have installed the Converter App and have it running…
    1. Click menu at the top Tools->Fix the Creators Update
    2. Follow the instructions


  • The Converter should wiz through the process, if it stalls, just reboot your computer and try again.dows
  • If the Converter still stalls, run Windows Update, reboot, then try again.
  • If you are still having issues with the Ribbon crashing AutoCAD, please contact Longbow Software Support
    • Please tell us what Windows Updates you have installed (see below how to do that)
    • Please tell us what version of Windows you are running (see even further below how to do that)

To see which Windows Updates you have installed

  1. Right Click the Windows Start Menu in the bottom right and pick “Programs and Features

    Select Programs and Features by Right-clicking the Windows 10 Start Menu

    Select Programs and Features by Right-clicking the Windows 10 Start Menu

  2. Click on “View Installed Updates” in the top left…

    Go to View installed Updates

    Go to View installed Updates

Detecting your installed version of Windows 10

  1. Right Click the Windows Start Menu in the bottom right and pick “Run
  2. Type “Winver” then Enter
Copyright 2017 (c) Longbow Software

7 thoughts on “Interactions with the AutoCAD Ribbon crashes AutoCAD on Windows 10

  1. Hello simonbooth,

    I had discovered this issue on my own over the past few weeks and had successfully downgraded from the Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) back to Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607). Today I got another three updates:
    One for Adobe Flash Player
    Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4035631)
    Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4034658)

    Now I’m having the same problem. I discovered KB3186568 installed again and uninstalled that update successfully. I double checked and I am still running on Windows 10 version 1607. I tried “repairing” Autocad and ensured that I have all the proper updates for it, and restarted a few times. I even tried running it in “Compatibility mode” for Windows 8 and 7. None of these worked, I still can’t access the Ribbon without it crashing.
    I’m going to uninstall the two latest updates for now, but do you have any other information to add that might help me avoid this problem in the future? I rely on Autocad for my business (obviously), and I can’t afford downtime with it right now.

    I cannot uninstall KB4035631, Was able to uninstall KB4034658. This seems to fix the issue for now.

    Is there any indication that either Autocad or Windows will fix this issue or to I need to keep uninstalling windows updates forever?

    • We are actively trying to solve this issue for our customers, but there is no solution other than the one we documented (and now yours to uninstall KB4034658).

      In the meantime, this issue is really down to and caused by Microsoft; everyone who runs into this issue should complain on their forums.

  2. I am trying to uninstall updates and it is not giving me the option to “uninstall”. I did a system restore back to a date prior to update.. Windows has since done another update and I am experiencing the same problem. How do I suspend updates entirely

  3. Simonbooth, Which portion of your write up above (originally posted Jul 25) covers the updated “Sep 3, see above” solution you are referring to? An auto update KB3186568 on my computer today caused the very problem discussed. Are you saying that installing the Longbow converter app (“”) will fix the problem? … or do I have to uninstall the updates (KB3186568, KB4033637 and KB4034658) that automatically updated on my computer today?
    Thanks to your valuable posting.

    • Hi T-Sis,

      We found that there is a combination issues which must be processed in order, the latest version of our Converter tool handles these issues for you (instructions above). If you still have problems, let us know and we will look into it further for you.

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