Install 32bit AutoCAD 2009 LT on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

These instructions solve issues around installing/running your AutoCAD LT 2009 on newer versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 64bit

Some common issues are error messages like these…

“This operating system is not supported by AutoCAD LT 2008”

You can automatically solve these problems using our Longbow Converter App; it fixes and manages the AutoCAD LT 2009 installation so that you can be up and running again. Simply follow the instructions below 🙂

NOTE: Autodesk no longer supply License Activation codes. Once you have installed your AutoCAD (following the instructions below) you will need to authorize/activate your AutoCAD yourself, find out how by clicking here

How to install AutoCAD LT 2009

  1. Purchased a copy of the Longbow Converter here
  2. Start the Converter App
  3. Insert your AutoCAD LT 2009 CD into your CDRom drive…
    1. Select the 1st tab named “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter
    2. Using the “. . .” button, select your AutoCAD 2009 installation CD
    3. Next, click the “Convert button and follow instructions
  4. Once the conversion process is complete
    1. click Install/Run Setup to start setup
    2. Simply install as normal, remembering to…
      1. Fully close the AutoCAD setup application once complete
      2. Close the Converter App.
  5. Now run your AutoCAD as normal


– If you have a single self extracting exe downloaded from Autodesk

  1. Run the exe, it will ask to unzip to a folder inside of c:\Autodesk, make a note of the folder name for later use (we’ll refer to it from here as c:\Autodesk\AutoCADLT2009), now click OK.
  2. Wait until all of the files have extracted, when they do, the AutoCAD LT 2009 setup will automatically launch – simply close and move to step 3.2 above, making sure to select c:\Autodesk\AutoCADLT2009.

– If you are unable to activate your product, or the activation process crashes:

– If you have crashing problems using the File->Open or File->Save dialogs inside of AutoCAD please read this blog entry on the File->Open or File->Save Crash in AutoCAD

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4 thoughts on “Install 32bit AutoCAD 2009 LT on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. Holas

    Tengo instalado el mi laptop autocad civil 3d land desktop 2009 en windows 7 y me funciona re bien, ahora mi cinsulta es la siguiente; salio la actualizacion de windows 10 y la actualizacion es gratis, si actualizo mi pc de windows 7 a windows 10 funcionara bien el autocad cil 3d land desktop 2009?????.


  2. Hi, what if one already has Autocad installed and working with Windows 8.1 and you upgrade to Windows 10.
    Clicking on Autocad, it starts up but fails to run in Win10, crashing out. I used your software to get it working fine in Win8.1.
    Can I use your software now in Win10 as per above directions, without having to go re-install Autocad 2009 and needing to go get another activation key?
    Bit worried that they will refuse an activation key due to my 2009 software having being phased out by Autodesk.

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