Installing AutoCAD LT 2002 on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

If you are a seasoned AutoCAD LT 2002 user, no doubt you will at some point have run into the famous GEDIT 3 error and been very frustrated with it. That error occurs because of certain video card drivers and/or certain types of anti-virus software setups.

On Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8, the GEDIT 3 error is even more prominent because of all the new security features that are inside of Windows 7 and 8. The good news is that it’s totally possible to eradicate the GEDIT 3 error by follow the instructions below:

Installing AutoCAD LT 2002 on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 32bit or 64bit can be very easily defined in these short steps…

NOTE: These steps do not bypass normal Autodesk licensing/authorization, you should expect to use your own serial numbers in the normal way.

  1. Obtain your copy of the Longbow Converter here
  2. Using Windows Explorer, copy your entire AutoCAD LT 2002 CD to your hard drive, to a folder path c:\Autodesk\CDs\acadlt2002 
  3. Start the Longbow Converter tool
    1. Select the 2nd tab “Old AutoCAD Installer Reviver
    2. Using the ‘…’ button, pick the c:\Autodesk\CDs\acadlt2002 folder where you just copied the LT 2002 CD
    3. Click the “Run Old Installer” button.
      1. Read and understand all the prompts before pressing OK.
      2. Once the setup starts, stop and read the next step…
  4. In the setup program, navigate through each setup dialog as normal, except when you get to the installation folder, **it’s vitally important to make sure you install to c:\acadlt2002 (not Program Files (x86)\AutoCAD LT 2002 as usually prompted by default)** e.g
    You must change the default AutoCAD LT 2002 Install path

    You must change the default AutoCAD LT 2002 Install path to c:\acadlt2002

    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: You may find that entering the path C:\acadlt2002 may not take (a bug in the AutoCAD 2002 installer). In that case, you will need to select the installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCAD LT 2002 in step (5) below
    2. Do not reboot if prompted to do so
  5. Once installed
    1. Go back to the Converter tool
    2. Select the 3rd tab “Old AutoCAD Program Reviver
    3. Pick the newly installed c:\acadlt2002 folder
    4. Click “Fix Old Program“.
  6. Now run your AutoCAD LT 2002 and completely register as normal. Once registered, exit AutoCAD and continue to the next step.
  7. Next, obtain the AutoCAD LT 2002 sp1 from here unzip and save to c:\Autodesk\spdo not install yet
  8. Next, obtain the AutoCAD LT 2002 sp2 from here (or AutoCAD LT 2002 sp2 locked version from here) and save to c:\Autodesk\sp do not install yet
  9. Go back into the Converter, select the 3rd tab, select the c:\Autodesk\sp folder and click Fix.
  10. Install the LT 2002 sp1 by running c:\Autodesk\sp\acad2002LTsp1.exe
    1. If you get a 114 error, you may already have an sp1 enabled product so try the next step
  11. Install the LT 2002 sp2 by running either the unlocked c:\Autodesk\sp\acltk044-k047unl.exe or the locked c:\Autodesk\sp\acltk044-k047swl.exe
    1. If you get a 114 error, read the Troubleshooting section below.
  12. Now, if you can’t get the sp2 to install it’s most likely because your version of AutoCAD 2002 LT is either the locked version and you downloaded the unlocked sp2 or it’s an unlocked version and you downloaded the locked sp2 – go back to (7) and try again.
  13. Now, you can happily run your AutoCAD LT 2002 on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • If you cannot install your AutoCAD LT 2002 Service Packs because of an error “114: Autocad LT 2002 update was not applied” – rather than try and solve this issue, the easiest solution is:
    1. To go back to your old Windows XP machine and make sure that all of the sp’s are installed on your old Windows XP machine’s installation of AutoCAD LT 2002
    2. Next, simply copy all of the AutoCAD LT 2002 program files and folders from your old Windows XP machine to a USB drive – copy the “contents” of C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2002
    3. Now transfer the USB to your new machine and copy the files that were on your old Windows XP machine’s C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2002 folder into your newly installed c:\acadlt2002 folder – you should see a question if you should overwrite all files, say YES
  • If you have crashing problems using the File->Open or File->Save dialogs inside of AutoCAD please read this blog entry on the File->Open or File->Save Crash in AutoCAD
Copyright 2016 (c) Longbow Software

11 thoughts on “Installing AutoCAD LT 2002 on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

  1. Hi. I’m trying to get AutoCAD LT 2002 running on Windows 8.1. I ran through the steps above, and everything went fine until reaching step 9. At step 9, I received the error:

    “Error 114: The AutoCAD 2002 update was not applied.”

    At step 10, I receive the error:

    “Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.”

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Sounds like you are using the wrong patch file, perhaps you are using the locked version and your AutoCAD is unlocked? Or visa versa…

  3. I was able to download the AutoCAD LT 2002 SP1 as described in step 6 above. I was not able to download the SP2 files as Internet Explorer boldly told me it Cannot Display the Web Page. I have tried several times with the same result. Regardless, can you e-mail the SP1 and SP2 files for both the locked and unlocked versions? What is the “locked” and “Unlocked” versions all about?

    To continue, I have tried several times to install the SP1 I was able to download as identified in step 9, but when I run the file, I get “AutoCAD 2002 Error 114: The AutoCAD 2002 update was not applied.” What is this?
    So, I opened the AutoCAD 2002 LT and within the first several minutes I got the dreaded INTERNAL ERROR: GEDIT 3.

    Can you provide me with some help? Why does SP1 not install? Why can’t I download the SP2 files? Is it necessary to install both SP’s in order to get rid of the GEDIT 3?

    Best regards,
    Dale Buck

  4. I have this same problem. Can anyone help? Step 9 – there is only one file to pick from – it’s the SP1 file that the longbow website has you download. It doesn’t work, give this error message. I can not get to step 10, which is where you run the sp2 file. Thanks.

  5. I am having the same problem as the person above, Error 114 when installing SP1, which isn’t supposed to be relevant to Locked or an Unlocked version. There are not two download options for the first patch, without the first patch working the second patch will not install. I have contacted Longbow for an email or assistance and still have not received any reply or assistance. Also note there is not a phone number to physically contact anyone at Longbow. Future users be aware of this.


  6. Nope. Gedit 3 error again and again. It’s like Windows 10 and Autocad lt 2017 have joined together to prevent any patching to allow users of older software!

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