Windows Hangs on Start up after installing AutoCAD 2010

After installing AutoCAD 2010 (or any of the vertical versions) the next reboot causes the computer to hang on start up; Windows gets to the welcome screen and freezes.

Users have solved the issue like this:

  1. Reinstall Windows 10 (or 11)
  2. Install Longbow Converter App
    1. Install
    2. Install  
    3. Install  
  3. reboot PC
  4. Run Longbow and then install AutoCAD 2010 32bit using the Longbow Converter App (default install)
  5. Install again
  6. Install again  
  7. Install again  
  8. Reboot

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AutoCAD is running really slowly on my brand new computer…

If you have a brand new laptop and you have installed any of these versions of AutoCAD:

  • AutoCAD 2009
  • AutoCAD 2010
  • AutoCAD 2011
  • AutoCAD 2012
  • AutoCAD 2013
  • AutoCAD 2014
  • AutoCAD 2015
  • AutoCAD 2016

…and the performance of your AutoCAD is unbearable, then read on…

Most likely this issue is related to your new computer’s Intel Integrated Graphics –

The Intel Integrated Graphics is a so called “feature” that bypasses your main graphics card to utilize the integrated graphics card save power – the problem is that it for AutoCAD it literally kills AutoCAD performance.

All you need to do is disable the Integrated Graphics feature in your computer’s BIOS setup (usually accessed by pressing a series of shortcut keys right at the start of your computer’s boot sequence startup) and you will be back to normal in no time – just know that disabling this power saving feature will use more battery power obviously.

I can’t comment on how to specifically disable it in your BIOS because it is computer specific, you will have to search for that yourself – I created this link to save you the time searching for “How to disable intel integrated graphics

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Solving the AutoCAD Failed Installation, Aborted 1603 error

What is the 1603 Install Error

The 1603 MSI installer error is a generic error code “A fatal error occurred during installation” on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Basically,  it’s not specific; anything could have gone wrong.

Microsoft document this error and lots of possible ways to solve it here…

You receive an “error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation” error message when you try to install a Windows Installer package

Fix AutoCAD specific 1603 Errors

Aside from the Microsoft documented 1603 errors above, AutoCAD itself has numerous issues with their installer mechanism which when failures occur can also generate the generic 1603 MSI error code.

AutoCAD 2020 Licensing Error 1603

It seems that AutoCAD 2020 has some issues installing mainly due to their Licensing system component.

Installation incomplete. Some products failed to install.

AutoCAD 2020 did not install (error code: 1603)

Autodesk documents how to fix it here

All other AutoCAD 1603 Errors

There is an App built which specifically scans AutoCAD’s setup so that either the 1603 error is gone (fixed) or it does not affect the install… Check  out the blogs on how to fix your AutoCAD’s 1603 error (if your version is not listed below use the search box at the top right of this page)

32bit versions of 
AutoCAD 2012   AutoCAD 2013   AutoCAD 2014   AutoCAD 2015
64bit versions of 
AutoCAD 2012   AutoCAD 2013   AutoCAD 2014   AutoCAD 2015
If you still have problems, why not contact Longbow Software Support
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Installing AutoCAD 2010 32bit on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

These instructions solve issues around installing/running your old AutoCAD 2010 on newer versions of 64bit Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Some common issues are error messages like these…

“This operating system is not supported by AutoCAD 2010”

Checking License…”

You can automatically solve these problems using our Longbow Converter App, it fixes and manages the AutoCAD 2010 installation so that you can be up and running again… Follow these instructions:

How to install AutoCAD 2010

  1. Obtain your purchased copy of the Longbow Converter here
  2. Start the Converter App and note the user interface
  3. Select the 1st tab named “AutoCAD 32bit Installer Converter
    1. Using the “. . .” button, selection your AutoCAD installation CD
    2. Next, click the “Convert button and follow instructions
  4. Once the conversion process is complete
    1. click Install/Run Setup to start setup
    2. Simply install as normal, remembering to…
      1. Close the setup program when the installation is complete.
      2. Now back in the Converter app and make sure it’s completed the final stage of processing using the “Old AutoCAD Program Reviver” tab
  5. Now run your AutoCAD as normal

Installing AutoCAD 2010 Service Packs

AutoCAD 2010 has 2 service packs, instead of calling them sp1 and sp2 they decided to call them Update1 and Update2. You only need to install Update2 because it already includes Update1.

  1. Download the AutoCAD 2010 Update 2 (sp2)
  2. Unzip and simply run the autocad2010update2.exe to install the update


  1. If your installed AutoCAD is hanging on startup then read this post first AutoCAD Freezes on startup (AutoCAD visible but the menus don’t appear)
  2. if your AutoCAD hangs on startup (stuck at the “Checking License…” message, try installing the 32bit version of AutoCAD 2010 on 64bit Windows – we’ve actually found the 32bit AutoCAD 2010 running on 64bit Windows is much more stable and actually faster than the 64bit version of AutoCAD 2010.
  3. If your AutoCAD crashes while interacting with the Ribbon click here
  4. If you are unable to activate your product, or the activation process crashes:
    1. Try uninstalling the July 2014 Microsoft security update
    2. Try downgrading your Internet Explorer (IE) from version 11 to version 10 by following the instructions detailed here
  5. If you have crashing problems using the File->Open or File->Save dialogs inside of AutoCAD please read this blog entry on the File->Open or File->Save Crash in AutoCAD
  6. If your Windows hangs on startup after installing please refer to this help blog
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